2020: The Year of the Tact Switch

2020 brought with it many trials and tribulations, but it hasn’t been all bad, has it? We like to look at the positives though too. A new wave of innovations and ideas also rode the wave of change that this challenging year brought. E-Switch released 3 new Tact Switches, each one with a specific function to assist our valued end-users. 

Towards the start of the year, as the national lockdown was beginning, the TL6340 made its first appearance. The tiny right angle surface-mount Tact Switch left a big imprint on the industry. Perfect for small, limited space applications that still require quality, durable mechanics; with an IP67 rating and a mechanical life of 200,000 cycles, the TL6340 is up to all most all tasks you throw its way!

As Spring came to a close and state-wide quarantine still firmly in place, a new Tact Switch blossomed into the world, the TL9320. Another hardy switch with a moisture protection rating of IP67 giving complete protection against temporary water submersion; this combined with its 500,000 cycle life-expectancy makes the TL9320 well suited to a variety of applications in multiple demanding markets.

That brings us finally to September with the release of our most recent Tact Switch, the TL3145. With 3 actuation forces to choose from and 2 actuator heights available, this switch screams versatility. Not only that, but the TL3145 continues the theme for a rugged, built to last Tact Switch series. With an operating temperature of -40°C to 85°C and an outstanding 3,000,000 cycles using the 180gf option!

For any inquiries regarding tact switches, please don’t hesitate to let us know at ISR@astron1.com