Zeus Product Spotlight: Custom & Standard Battery Solutions

Battery selection and custom packs

Zeus Product Spotlight

As a battery manufacturer, ZEUS Battery Products is as powerful as the name suggests. Zeus is committed to providing their customers with the best in cell and battery assembly solutions. Their equipment and quality initiatives allow us to produce top-tier products at competitive prices.
Zeus’s experience encompasses unique designs, as well as extensive experience with all chemistries including:

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Welcome, Cristian Dominguez!

We are very excited to add on a new team member in San Diego, Cristian Dominquez! Cristian joins the team with over 10 years experience in the electric component industry, having previously worked for Amitron, AEM Components, Yageo, and TTI.

Welcome to the team, Cristian Dominguez Bencomo, we are excited to have you part of Team Astron!

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Introducing X1/Y1 Safety Certified Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Image of capacitors

Unique design and form factors meet X1/Y1 Agency Requirements in SMD package.

Holy Stone Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an industry leader for Safety Certified ceramic capacitors (our SCC Series). The existing product line includes NPO and X7R T.C.’s X2 and Y2 classes rated at 250Vrm and 305Vrm which are compliant to IEC60384-14, UL60384-14, and UL60950-1 and CSA60384-14 standards.

Holy Stone Enterprise Co., Ltd. Safety capacitors are typically used in line to line (X) circuit applications in which a failure would not result in electrical shock, and line to ground (Y) circuit applications where failure could cause or lead to electrical shock. Safety Recognized ceramic capacitors can also be used for isolation between TNV (Telecommunication Network Voltage) and SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) in modems.

We are pleased to announce the production release of X1/Y1 MLCC’s at 250Vac, 300Vac, and 400Vac classes. Capacitance values of 100pf to 1800pf are available as X7R T.C., and 10pf to 100pf as NPO, in 3906, 4007, and 4012 sizes to cover the available capacitance ranges. These devices are specifically designed to replace through hole safety disc capacitors while still meeting industry and agency standards and creepage requirements. Advantages include:

  • reduced PCB real estate and height,
  • reduced assembly costs, and
  • the elimination of manual and automatic lead forming operations prior to PCB assembly processes.


  • Suitable for reflow and wave soldering
  • Tape & reel packaging for automatic insertion
  • RoHS compliant and Lead (Pb) free
  • Certification by UL E300818, TUV R50556303, and CQC 22001362296
  • Available with Superterm® flexible/soft termination
  • Available with proprietary arc prevention coating (X7R only)


  • Telecommunications equipment including telephones, modems, etc.
  • Electronic equipment and appliances requiring protection from transient surges or lighting.
  • Electric and hybrid automobiles in charging circuitry, and inverters/converters for charging stations
  • Network infrastructure
  • LED and ballast lighting
  • All power management
  • Power adapters and USB chargers

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Introducing the first new E-Switch Anti-Vandal Switch of 2021

Introducing the first new Anti-Vandal Switch of 2021! The PMV6 is a panel-mounted switch with a crisp and tactile response. As you know here at E-Switch, we like to Get-Wired! The PMV6 is no different. It comes pre-wired with 500mm long wires so you don’t have to worry about second-hand sourcing and labor costs. That’s a win-win! This latest Anti-Vandal Switch also comes with 3 different functions as well as multiple actuator colors to choose from. If you want to learn more about this great new addition to the Anti-Vandal product line, then head over to our website or give us a call on 800-867-2717, we look forward to hearing from you!

PMV6 Specifications:

16mm Panel Cutout

Pre-Stripped and Tinned Wire Leads

Multiple Cap Colors

10,000 Cycle Electrical Life

Crisp Tactile Response

IP67 Rated

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SynQor® Announces New Additions to its RailQor® Transportation Product Families

Boxborough, MA – SynQor, Inc. announces the RQ1BxxxHZ and RQ68xxxHZ, the new additions to its railway transportation product lines.  These high power, high efficiency DC-DC converters for railway applications are based on SynQor’s next generation, isolated, fixed frequency synchronous rectifier technology.  The RailQor converters are designed to provide extremely high-power conversion efficiencies throughout the entire output power range.

The modules are encased to operate in the harshest transport and industrial environmental conditions. The ultra-wide input range of the RQ68 and RQ1B allows designers and integrators to power a large variety of products with a single part type. The outputs can be adjusted between -20% and +10% of the nominal output voltage of the converter. Multiple converters can be integrated for increased output power or to support redundancy. The impressive power density of the modules help optimize space in an industry where space is at a premium. SynQor’s field proven, highly reliable technology shortens design cycles and helps designers/integrators yield reliable, dependable solutions for the very competitive rail and transport markets.


  • High power density:
    • Up to 504 W for RQ1BxxxHZ (half-brick)
    • Up to 150 W for RQ68xxxHZ (half-brick)
  • Wide input range:
    • 66 to 160 Vdc for RQ1BxxxHZ
    • 12 to 155 Vdc for RQ68xxxHZ
  • High efficiency:
    • 95% RQ1BxxxHZ
    • 90% RQ68xxxHZ
  • Available output voltages: 5, 12, 15, 24 and 48 Vdc
  • Reinforced isolation (2,000 Vrms) for the RQ1B and RQ68 modules
  • Maximum baseplate temperature 100 °C

Specification Compliance

  • EN 50155
  • UL 60950-1
  • EN 60950-1
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1
  • EN45545-2 R24/R25 Compliant
  • EN 61373:1999 Cat I, Cat B
  • EN 60068-2-1/2/30:2005

Please download the RQ1BxxxHZ and RQ68xxxHZ datasheets. For more information on this or your other power needs, contact us.

Optical Sensors: Apply Reliability Strategies to Drive Smart Component Selection

For designers of engineered electronics powering our most critical applications and devices, reliability is a common goal. At the same time, a design engineer or purchasing manager must have the ability to quantify reliability of the parts selected—a delicate balance between performance and dependability—to optimize total cost of ownership. On this landscape, a greater understanding of mean time between failure (MTBF) considerations can improve both reliability and costs.

Purchasing professionals at such organizations are all too familiar with budgets and the steps required for correlated selection and sourcing. Still, they may have limited insight into how to evaluate reliability reports, how to ensure statistically similar comparison among sources and options, and how these factors may affect their product design and development. Will a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) part suffice, or is S-Level (space-rated) required? Are all parts designated for a particular level the same amongst suppliers? And is MTBF data inherently reported in similar fashion from study to study and vendor to vendor?

These and other concerns represent deeper intelligence about how MTBF impacts product design, performance, and longevity. By clarifying how reliability data is obtained, measured, calculated, and interpreted, purchasing pros can evaluate options more consistently and successfully.

Defining Key Considerations in MTBF

The universal cross-industry reliability term, often expressed as MTBF, represents a projected number of operating hours before the first failure and between all subsequent failures. FIT (failure in time) is the expected number of failures in one billion hours. FIT is simply another way of reporting MTBF = 1E9/(FIT).

To optimize MTBF and its impact on overall design, the component selection process should answer the following questions:

  • What’s the optimum level of screening versus cost required for my application? For example, can ideal performance be achieved using parts designated as standard COTS, military (TX, TXV ratings), space (S rating), or a customized version of one of these standard offerings?
  • Which stress tests are performed on the selected parts to weed out “infant mortality” cases?
  • What is the target MTBF/FIT value?

Purchasers must request reliability reports from all potential suppliers and compare not just the MTBF/FIT values, but also the total operating hours, which are based on test conditions (accelerating factors) and number of units used in each study.

MTBF Strategies Feature a Range of Reliability Options

Industrial and commercial electronics that are particularly sensitive to price and time-to-market competition tend to favor COTS components. This is due to their lower price and significantly shorter lead times versus high-reliability (HiRel) alternatives. For the same reasons, buyers in markets such as military, aerospace, and more specifically, space, occasionally choose commercial rather than HiRel parts.

As a result, MIL-PRF-19500 would guide screening tests for LEDs, VCSELs, photodiodes, phototransistors, and photodarlingtons, while photologic sensors, optical encoders and Hall-effect ICs would be screened using MIL-PRF-38535 spec. Further, the MIL-STD-883 specification states the actual tests conditions required for class level “B” and level “S” (space) parts (Fig. 1).

1. This chart illustrates the broad range of reliability ratings, helping designers environmentally screen their options to meet a design’s unique circumstances and facilitate collaboration with their purchasing managers.1. This chart illustrates the broad range of reliability ratings, helping designers environmentally screen their options to meet a design’s unique circumstances and facilitate collaboration with their purchasing managers.

Once “infant mortality” cases are screened out, the remaining units in population are expected to function through their useful life and eventually fail due to end-of-life wear out. The useful “normal” life period is characterized by the lowest (albeit non-zero) rate and relatively constant failure rate (Fig. 2).

2. After screening out “infant mortality” cases, remaining units in a population are expected to function through their useful life and eventually fail due to end-of-life wear out. The period of useful “normal” life is characterized by the lowest (albeit non-zero) rate coupled with relatively constant failure rate.2. After screening out “infant mortality” cases, remaining units in a population are expected to function through their useful life and eventually fail due to end-of-life wear out. The period of useful “normal” life is characterized by the lowest (albeit non-zero) rate coupled with relatively constant failure rate.

All parts operating in the intended application could be considered an ongoing MTBF/FIT study. Obviously, it’s not practical to let all manufactured parts operate for indefinite periods of time to observe the actual FIT rate. But, by applying accelerated stress conditions (heat, humidity, temperature cycling, vibration, load, and others) on a statistically significant sample size (usually more than 100 parts), the experiment time could be substantially shortened to expediently obtain MTBF/FIT values.

Comparing MTBF/FIT values from different suppliers for similar components without knowing actual study conditions could be misleading. Statistical by nature, MTBF/FIT values vary greatly with the number of samples used and the length of time these parts have been in operation.

To hit the target, the manufacturer must understand the customer’s minimum required MTBF value prior to designing their MTBF study. A larger study sample size and a longer operating time would produce higher a MTBF value with all other parameters being equal, including stress test conditions and number of failures. To provide an “apples to apples” comparison, the reliability report must include the number of units and hours of operation under specific test condition; these could be unified under a single term: “Total Device Hours.

Total Device Hours is simply the number of parts used in MTBF/FIT study multiplied by their Operating Time:

Total Device Hours = Number of units in a study * Operating Time (hours)

Under different operating conditions, the MTBF value would change. But rather than performing a separate MTBF study for each stress level (such as different temperature), we can simply substitute actual Operating Time with Equivalent Operating Timea calculation based on the well-known life acceleration factors for different stress conditions (Fig. 3).

3. MTBF varies with operating conditions. Instead of performing separate MTBF studies for each stress level (i.e., different temperature), substitute actual Operating Time with Equivalent Operating Time, which is calculated based on the various well-known life acceleration factors for different stress conditions.

3. MTBF varies with operating conditions. Instead of performing separate MTBF studies for each stress level (i.e., different temperature), substitute actual Operating Time with Equivalent Operating Time, which is calculated based on the various well-known life acceleration factors for different stress conditions.

For example, the reliability study for TT Electronics’ OPB350 (a tube liquid sensor for medical applications including hemodialysis) used 300 units operating at 70°C for 1008 hours, resulting in 302,400 Total Device Hours (Fig. 4).

4. TT’s OPB350 is used in medical applications such as a hemodialysis system.

4. TT’s OPB350 is used in medical applications such as a hemodialysis system.

From the results presented in Figure 5, the worst-case scenario for MTBF is 208,019 hours or 23.7 years with the device operating at 70°C with 90% confidence.

5. This table reveals the stress results for TT’s OPB350 tube liquid sensor.

5. This table reveals the stress results for TT’s OPB350 tube liquid sensor.

A claim of 90% confidence means virtual certainty, while 60% corresponds to a lower degree of certainty and higher uncertainty. Evaluation of MTBF at 90% confidence is recommended, understanding that the difference between two MTBF values at 90% and 60% confidence provides appreciation for the deployed performance time range.

For MTBF = 208,019, we can calculate FIT = 1E9/MTBF = 4,807 failures in one billion hours.

The accelerated life test performed for 1,008 hours of actual Operating Time at 70°C (158°F) corresponds to much longer Equivalent Operating Time at lower temperatures, resulting in significantly larger MTBF values at those temperatures. Using the Arrhenius relationship to determine Equivalent Operating Time at 20°C (68°F), the MTBF value with 90% confidence is 2,786,368 or 318 years (up to 797 years with 60% confidence), which is well outside the intended operating life of the device.

Create Synergy Between Design and Purchasing

MTBF/FIT studies provide a framework for determining component-level reliability, but not all component manufacturers offer this data. To rest assured that your design is based on reliable components that will perform for the long haul, it’s critical to obtain and understand an MTBF/FIT study for each part sourced. From discrete components and slotted switches to reflective sensors and Hall-effect ICs, reliability studies give you the upper hand and competitive advantage.

Knowing the optimum screening level versus cost required for your application is step one—standard COTS, military, space, or a customized version of one of these options. Step two involves determining which stress tests to conduct to eliminate infant mortality cases; be sure this is validated by accelerated testing on a statistically significant sample. And finally, by requesting reliability reports from all potential suppliers, you can readily compare values for MTBF/FIT and Total Operating Hours; keep in mind these can vary and must be supported with insight into actual study conditions.

With such valuable data in hand, design engineers and purchasing managers can be on the same page when selecting the right components for performance and longevity.

Fuji Electric Launch of X Series IGBT-IPM that Contributes to Energy Savings

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; led by President and Chairman of the Board of Directors Michihiro Kitazawa) is pleased to announce the launch of its new power semiconductor product, the X Series IGBT-IPM*1, which features the latest 7th-generation X Series devices to significantly reduce power loss.

*1: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Intelligent Power Module (IPM)

1.     Background

To improve productivity, the manufacturing industry continues to introduce NC machine tools and robots to automate production site, and against the background of global warming, realizing further energy savings in production equipment has become a challenge.

IGBT modules, which are a type of power semiconductor, are electronic components that convert voltage, frequency and AC/DC power through switching the power on and off. IGBT-IPM is equipped with a self-protection function to prevent failure due to overcurrent or overheating. For this reason, they are widely used in NC machine tools and industrial robots for production equipment that require high reliability.

Fuji Electric launched the X Series IGBT-IPM, which incorporates the latest 7th-generation power semiconductor device and contributes to energy savings in production equipment by the industry’s highest class of low loss performance. Mass production of the product starts in December and sales will be expanded globally, focusing mainly in Japan and China and so on, where automation is progressing.

2.     Product Features

(1) Achieves energy savings in production equipment with the industry’s highest class of low-loss performance

This product is equipped with the latest 7th-generation IGBT device, which achieves the industry’s highest class of low loss performance through reduced device thickness and miniaturization of the surface structure. In power semiconductors, as the operating temperature of the product increases, the switching speed generally decreases and the power loss increases. However, with this product the power loss is reduced by using an IC that controls the IGBT drive to prevent the switching speed from decreasing under high temperature conditions.

This product reduces power loss during inverter operation by approximately 10% compared to the previous product (V Series IGBT-IPM) and reduces heat generated by power loss. As a result, the footprint area has been reduced by up to 54% compared to the previous product. This contributes to the energy savings and miniaturization of production equipment.

(2) Contributes to stable operation of equipment with the industry’s first the warning output function of IGBT chip temperature

The IGBT-IPM is equipped with the IGBT device’s overheat protection function. With this product, when the temperature of the IGBT device exceeds 175 °C, the IGBT-IPM outputs an alarm signal to the control unit on the equipment and stops the switching operation to prevent the IGBT-IPM from failing.

In addition, this product is equipped with the industry’s first the warning output function of IGBT chip temperature, which outputs the warning signal when the temperature of the IGBT device exceeds 150 °C. Since switching operation is possible from when the warning signal is output until the temperature reaches 175 °C, where overheat protection is activated, the controller on the equipment can stop the production equipment at any time for maintenance. This enables sudden stoppage of production equipment to be avoided, contributing to stable operation.

3.     Major Applications

NC machine tools, general-purpose servos, industrial robots, commercial air conditioners, elevators, etc.

4.     Product Specifications

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The New EG1312 Slide Switch

The EG1312 has landed! Say hello to the latest Slide Switch to hit production. The EG1312 adds to the ever-expanding range of slide switches that E-Switch has to offer. As you know, they strive to bring you the broadest range of switch selection available. The EG1312 is a right angle surface mount and comes in a single-pole three position circuit function. The switch is maintained on in the left and center position however, the right position is only on momentarily. This unique function is what makes the EG1312 stand out from all other slide switches available.

For more information on the EG1312, contact us.

SynQor® Releases an Using Current Sense Resistors to Improve Efficiency

What are current sense resistors?

Current sense resistors, or shunt resistors, are devices used to gauge the flow of current. They detect and convert current to a measured output voltage. Current sense resistors are generally low-value, high-power resistors. They are designed for low resistance to minimise power consumption and to eliminate the risk of short circuits which are likely to damage other components.

The proportional relationship between voltage and current, according to Ohm’s Law enables a sensor circuit to measure the amperes delivered to a load in real-time. This is a cost-effective and straightforward method of current flow measurement and is used to mitigate the effects of short-circuits or overloads and to maximise the efficiency of electrical systems. 

At TT Electronics, we offer a full spectrum of resistor technologies and a broad standard product range, in addition to providing custom engineering solutions. We dedicate ourselves to staying on top of the competitive landscape engineers are faced with today when designing a current flow measuring system.

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SynQor® Releases an Advanced Military-Grade DC Output, Shallow Rack Power Conditioner (MPC-1250)

SynQor, Inc., a leading supplier of power conversion solutions, announces the newest member of its Military Field-Grade Power Conditioners.  The Shallow Rack Mount MPC is packaged into a 17.00”W x 14.80”D x 1.73”H, 22 lb. enclosure designed for the harshest environments.  The MPC-1250 is a true on-line double conversion, isolated, fully regulated 1250 W DC output power supply. The unit has a universal, single phase AC input which accepts input voltages between 80 Vac – 265 Vac (47-65 Hz), with an optional wide frequency range (47-800 Hz).  The unit can also be powered from an alternate DC input source between (22 Vdc – 33 Vdc). Additional built-in features include soft start, fault recognition and recovery conditions for overload, input under voltage and over voltage and temperature abnormalities.
Multiple units can be parallel to deliver a higher power. An inter-unit communication link allows multiple units to behave as a single system while delivering higher combined power or providing a fully M+N redundant system. 
The MPC system includes features that allow remote tracking of the unit’s systems via the industry standard SNMP or an intuitive GUI driven web interface. The users can track various operational parameters like the output and input parameters, temperature, fan speed and much more.  Users can also set up SNMP traps and configure email alerts so that they can be notified of events that could put the operation of a remote site in jeopardy.
The Shallow Rack MPCs have been designed to meet several of the most demanding electrical military standards, including MIL-STD-704F, 1399-300B and 461F.  The MPC not only has electrically superior characteristics to many power supplies of its kind, but it has been designed to comply with the harshest of environmental conditions as required by MIL-STD-810G in a compact and ultra-light weight package.
SynQor’s design and manufacturing teams deliver reliable products that are the best in market in terms of their electrical functionality, mechanical specifications and durability.


  • 1250 W isolated full power DC output (24 Vdc and 28 Vdc)
  • Universal AC input: 80-265 VAC; 47-65 Hz or 47-800 Hz
  • Wide temperature range -40 °C to +55 °C
  • Built-in Load Sharing and Redundant (N+M) capabilities
  • 1U High Rack-Mount unit (17.00″W x 14.80″D x 1.73”H)
  • Real time monitoring via SNMP or Web Interface
  • Low Weight 22 lbs.

Specification Compliance

  • MIL-STD-461F
  • MIL-STD-704F
  • MIL-STD-810G
  • MIL-STD-1275D 
  • MIL-STD-1399-300B

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Shielded Surface Mount Power Inductors for Automotive Applications

TT Electronics has curated a catalog of high-performance shielded power inductors for automotive applications, benefiting from the higher inductance value offered by their shielded configuration. These robust, magnetically-shielded solutions have small form factors and high saturation currents for better performance in tandem with practically any automotive electrical system.

Among these is a proprietary selection of surface mount power inductors, including:

  • HA65A series for optimal voltage regulation at fast-switching frequencies
  • HA73E-10 series for size-critical DC-DC applications
  • HA72L series equipped for high transient inrush current spikes
  • HA74 series for miniature high saturation current

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Fuji Electric Announces New Line-Up of IPM modules based on our 7th-Generation X-Series IGBT Technology

Edison, NJ – Fuji Electric Corp has added the newest Small Intelligent Power Module (IPM) as part of our new 7th Generation X-Series Portfolio. Fuji Electric is a global developer of IGBT modules used in today’s power electronic systems including power converters, variable-speed drives, uninterruptible power supplies, HVAC, and renewable energy systems.

The latest IPM modules come equipped with a control IC providing IGBT drive and protection circuits, making the design of peripheral circuits straightforward and ensuring high system reliability. The P642 IPM features a product line-up ranging from 50A to 75A at 650V expanding the 15A to 35A at 600V range of the P633A IPM. All Fuji Electric Dual-In-Line Small IPMs come equipped with overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, control power voltage drop protection, and overheating protection, while also outputting alarm signals.

“Fuji Electric continues to expand our offering in the dual-in-line small IPM market and the new P642 series is our latest offering expanding our range to 75A” said James Usack, Division General Manager Electronic Devices Division.

Fuji Electric Corp. of America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has been responsible for sales and distribution of the company’s products since 1970.  Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. began developing power electronics equipment in 1923, and is a global leader in industrial products ranging from semiconductors, HMIs, contactors, relays, and power generation equipment to AC drives and uninterruptible power supply systems.  For more information, please visit follow us on  LinkedIn and Twitter.

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2020: The Year of the Tact Switch

2020 brought with it many trials and tribulations, but it hasn’t been all bad, has it? We like to look at the positives though too. A new wave of innovations and ideas also rode the wave of change that this challenging year brought. E-Switch released 3 new Tact Switches, each one with a specific function to assist our valued end-users. 

Towards the start of the year, as the national lockdown was beginning, the TL6340 made its first appearance. The tiny right angle surface-mount Tact Switch left a big imprint on the industry. Perfect for small, limited space applications that still require quality, durable mechanics; with an IP67 rating and a mechanical life of 200,000 cycles, the TL6340 is up to all most all tasks you throw its way!

As Spring came to a close and state-wide quarantine still firmly in place, a new Tact Switch blossomed into the world, the TL9320. Another hardy switch with a moisture protection rating of IP67 giving complete protection against temporary water submersion; this combined with its 500,000 cycle life-expectancy makes the TL9320 well suited to a variety of applications in multiple demanding markets.

That brings us finally to September with the release of our most recent Tact Switch, the TL3145. With 3 actuation forces to choose from and 2 actuator heights available, this switch screams versatility. Not only that, but the TL3145 continues the theme for a rugged, built to last Tact Switch series. With an operating temperature of -40°C to 85°C and an outstanding 3,000,000 cycles using the 180gf option!

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TT Electronics Extends US Reach via Partnership with Astron Electronics

TT Electronics Extends US Reach of Power Partners
Branded Power Conversion Products via Partnership
with Astron Electronics.

Leading electronics manufacturers’ representative firm adds TT power
supplies to its portfolio for Southern California clientele focused on
industrial and medical applications TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, today
announced it has expanded an agreement with Astron Electronics Inc., the long established and well-respected manufacturers’ representative, to market TT’s Power Partners product line.

The partnership broadens TT Electronics’ reach with best-in-class, quality AC/DC power supplies for industrial and medical applications, making a wider variety of products available throughout the Southern California

“TT’s commitment to exemplary customer service and technical support, superior engineering resources, and highly experienced sales leadership enables Astron to lead our dynamic and demanding Southern California medical and industrial customers into the next generation of connected power products,” said Steve Tennessen, President, Astron Electronics.

Astron is an established partner and representative of TT products including optoelectronics, sensing, magnetics and resistors. “By expanding the portfolio with Astron and relying on the expertise of the local team
in Southern California, we will broaden TT’s reach and make our standard and modified power supplies readily available to this market,” said Susan Cervenak, Director of Sales, TT Electronics.

“We are dedicated to strengthening existing partnerships that will enable TT to further penetrate its targets and
significantly contribute to each partner’s success in tandem with our own.”

This agreement, along with recent acquisitions, significantly expands TT’s global power electronics business with new products and design capabilities for industrial and medical markets.

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TT Electronics’ Showcases Customization Capabilities Of Their Juarez Facility And Other Divisions.

TT Electronics’ Customization Capabilities

Sensors and Specialist Components

The Sensors and Specialist Components division works with customers to develop standard and customised solutions, including sensors and power management devices. Our solutions improve the precision, speed and reliability of critical aspects of our customers’ applications.

How they help their customers:

  • Engineering expertise
  • Speed to market
  • Platform products combined with customised solutions
  • Quick-turn custom assemblies

Juarez Production Facility

The Juarez, Mexico manufacturing facility has two manufacturing buildings with a total square footage of 119k.

It operates under a cell concept and lean manufacturing.

It is ISO-TS 16949 certified and ITAR registered.

Core competencies include:

  • High volume semiconductor packaging
  • Application-specific design and manufacturing


  • Wafer probe
  • Automated die attach & wire bonding
  • IC production testers
  • Environmental chambers
  • Burn-in ovens
  • Failure analysis, SEM and X-ray labs

Manufacturing Capabilities Include:

  • Surface mount technology
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Transfer molding process
  • Tin plating process
  • Automated custom testing
  • Manual & semi-automated assembly
  • Wave solder and hand solder
  • In-house plastic molding capabilities

Optoelectronics Customization Capabilities

Our expert engineering teams have over 40 years of deep knowledge and experience in offering custom solutions that meet and exceed your exact requirements.

  • Package style
  • Electrical parameters
  • Wire harness
  • Plastic molding
  • Material combinations
  • Size and weight
  • Hybrid surface mount and through-hole
  • Discrete integration into a PCB form-factor
  • Calibration and test validation
  • Mounting configurations and tabs

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The New E-SWITCH TL9320 Series Tact Switch

NEW TL9320 Series Tact Switch

The TL9320 Series Tact Switch features an array of benefits. These include a moisture protection rating of IP67 giving complete protection against temporary water submersion. This combined with its 500,000 cycle life expectancy makes this switch well suited to a variety of applications in multiple markets; ranging from wearable home technology, all the way to medical instrumentations.

The TL9320 comes conveniently contained within 8.4mm x 8.4mm housing, making it a well-rounded tactile switch capable of handling today’s consumer and commercial functions.

More Info:

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Welcome Edgar Reyes to the team!

Astron Electronics is pleased to announce Edgar Reyes as our new Field Sales Representative for Baja Mexico.

Edgar has been a Quality & Design Engineering professional with 21+ years of proven experience at many different Electronic companies including BD (Care Fusion), Plantronics, and Sony.

We are confident that Edgar will take on his new responsibilities of overlooking the assigned territories with the diligence
in working to further develop business with existing and new accounts.

ERA Branding

Wednesday, Jan 29 – ERA Branding, Website Design, & Social Media – We had over 20 people attend the first ERA event of the year, Branding, Website Design, & Social Media.  Luminys (Presenters) did an amazing job and gave us some great insight on marketing over the internet.  Whether it be social media, your webpage, or how people see your company.  I have already implemented many of the ideas they discussed.

A++ Commented Steve Tennessen President of Astron Electronics, Inc.

TT Electronics’ NEW GBCN Resistors

High-performing GBCN resistors round out TT’s green thick-film chip series enabling industrial, automotive and medical application designers to meet tomorrow’s regulations today. TT Electronics’ new lead-free arrays deliver environmental compliance now – before RoHS exemptions expire leaving OEMs in the lurch.

More info:

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please don’t hesitate to let us know at

ALL-NEW E-Switch PVS7 Anti-Vandal Released!

With the new year comes a brand new change. This new Anti-Vandal switch is anything but standard. The PV67 features a unique 25mm square bezel giving it a standout from the rest in the category. The switch is also IP65 rated and includes multiple LED colors with custom laser etchings.

More Info:

New Project Requirements?

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TT Electronics launches high density Protek Power N3 desktop power supplies

TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, has announced the launch of the new Protek Power N3 Series, further enhancing the company’s ability to deliver high efficiency AC-DC power solutions to international standards. Optimised for products requiring a high performance yet compact power supply, the N3 Series supports OEMs with high power density in a slimline option that is smaller than competing alternatives.

The N3 Series offers eight options between 15 to 330 Watts of continuous output power.. Enclosed in a 94V-0 rated polycarbonate case, all N3 Series models meet EN55032 and FCC Class B emission limits, are designed for ITE applications, and are certified to UL, CSA, IEC and CE standards. In addition, the N3 Series is approved to the latest EN62368-1 safety standard, and EU CoC EPS V5 Tier 2 efficiency standard.

“The Protek brand is established and trusted in the power supply sector, especially in medical where reliability and safety are critical requirements. We are delighted to hold exclusive rights to take the Protek brand to market in North America and the UK, including the launch of the new N3 power supply series,” commented Frank Rene, Managing Director of TT Electronics, responsible for the Power Partners brand, the North American power supply business acquired by TT Electronics in March 2019.

Protek Power, an FSP Group company, specialises in AC-DC power supplies focused on medical and industrial/commercial grade power supply conversion products.

Rick Balentine’s Retirement

Thursday, Nov. 14 – Rick Balentine’s Retirement – “Rick, you helped mentor many people including Beth and myself. You are an industry stalwart and will be missed. Enjoy this next phase of your life. Much love, the Tennessen’s.”

ERA Golf Tournament

Aliso Viejo November 11th, 2019. Southern California ERA brings back the annual golf tournament. “What an awesome event. Everyone had a great time at the event. The weather was perfect and the course was in amazing shape. I can’t wait for next years tournament!!! Commented Steve Tennessen, President of Astron Electronics, Inc.

David Stone (left)
Steve Tennessen (middle)
Stephen Bottari (Right)

Astron Electronics at Future Electronics Tech Day!

Anaheim, CA – Oct. 8, 2019 Astron exhibits at one of our very own distributors Future Electronics’ Tech Day event. This Technology expo event consisted of an exciting day full of hands-on technical learning and exposure to new technology through the many suppliers that attended. Astron was able to hold a booth displaying the few different manufacturers shared in common with Future, including E-Switch, TT Electronics, and American Zettler. Overall, this was a successful day indeed!

Women In Electronics

This past week, one of our very own distribution managers, Beth Tennessen, had the chance to attend, as a member, the annual “Women in Electronics” conference down in Riverside. There’s nothing like purposeful networking and celebration among other progressive women in the rising industry.

SynQor Launches NEW 6U VPX Power Supply

The defense market just received another big hitter. AC-DC 6U VPX Power Supply (VPX-6U-ACUNV-1-C-001) designed to be one of the most capable solutions to cater to the advancements in this market is also qualified to meet VITA 46 standards.

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L3 Power Paragon/LEM L&L

Anaheim, CA Wednesday April 24, 2019 – On Wednesday, Astron had the opportunity of attending a lunch and learn with one of our principles, LEM, at L3 Power Paragon. L3 is one of our largest accounts for military/marine power solutions and we’ve been able to offer numerous components alongside LEM as well as multiple other principles we represent. This was one productive and informative lunch and learn. We absolutely look forward to our next one.

Astron Receives E-Switch Award

Huntington Harbor, Saturday November 9th, 2018 – “Beth and I took Rick & Pam Kline and Rick & Carla Nelson on a Duffy ride around Huntington harbor. They surprised us with an award for rep of the year. I guess you can call it an award? My own Tequila… Pretty nice. But instead of a worm at the bottom it had tact switches. Needless to say, we drank most of the bottle that day.” Commented Steven Tennessen, President of Astron Electronics.

Astron Receives Sales Excellence Award

Huntington Beach, November 2018 Astron received the sales excellence award from Methode. “I was emceeing our annual golf tournament dinner ceremony, when Chip Bronk came up and took the microphone from me. I had no idea what was happening. He then proceeded to announce to everyone that we received the Methode sales excellence award. It was one heck of a way to receive an award. Everyone at Astron was are excited to receive such an honor, for all of the hard work we have put into one of our best principals.” Commented Steven Tennessen, President of Astron Electronics.

David Stone Joins the Astron sales team

Huntington Beach, CA / September 2018 – “Astron is excited to welcome David Stone as our new Orange County Senior Field Salesman. His 20 plus years in the Southern California electronics industry is a huge addition to an already strong line-up.” Commented Steven Tennessen, President Astron Electronics, Inc.

Astron Private Showing at ViaSat:

Carlsbad, CA – August 1st 2018 — Astron Electronics shows its wares exclusively at Viasat. “I was asked to set up a couple tables with sample kits and brochures in the Mechanical Engineering Building at Viasat. I brought in donuts and ended up there until lunch time. Many of the engineers came over and discussed products with me. Astron walked away with some great requirements.” Commented Mike Singer, Sales Manager Astron Electronics, Inc.