RF & Microwave Connectors, High Performance Cable Assemblies, Dyna Core Technology –industry leading dielectric technology and state of the art Cable manufacturing.
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Rectifiers & Diodes: High & Low Voltages, Fast Recovery, &Avalanche. Night Vision Arrays, Full Wave Bridges. High VoltageAssemblies.
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Switches: Anti-Vandal, DetectorDIP, Keylock, Navigation, PushbuttonRocker, Rotary, Slide, Snap Action, Tact, Tilt, Toggle, & Trigger. Sealed up to IP67, Illuminated, low profile, SMT, Miniature, & Power-rated. Custom Switch Cable Assemblies.
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Galvanically isolated Hall-effect current sensors and voltage transducers, from 1 A to 20 kA and up to 4200 V, for various industrial, medical, trackside, and high-precision applications
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Connectors and aerospace products including fiber optic, LCD monitor, waterproof, board to board, board to cable, rectangle, circular, ZIF, USB, coaxial, industrial, HDMI, Industry standard foot prints
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Bus Bars, Connectors, Power Cables, & Chill Plates
Lead Frame: insert molding of complex interconnect geometries to be insert molding of complex interconnect geometries to be integrated into assemblies reducing parts & assembly costs
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Power Supplies: Adapters, Power overethernet, USB Adapters, Open Frame, Battery Chargers,andPOE Midspans.
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Hybrids & Micro Circuits: Custom packaging, discrete semiconductors, power modules and RF transistors: Aero Stanrew - Design & manufacture ruggedized electromagneticcomponents& electronics systems in aerospace & defense markets. IRC, Welwyn, BI, & Precision Magnetics - Resistors & Inductors.
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DC/DC, AC/DC Converters, EMI FiltersMilitary Grade: UPS, Inverter, Power Conditioner andPower Supply in 19" Rack Form Factor Industrial, Medical D-Fib Proof MIL-STD: 704, 461, 1399 & 810G

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AC & DC cooling fans & blowers. Xtreme high performance, Automotive Grade,IP67 for Harsh Environments. Heatsinks, Power cords& Castings. Free Electro-Thermal Analysis.

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