SynQor® Releases an Using Current Sense Resistors to Improve Efficiency

What are current sense resistors?

Current sense resistors, or shunt resistors, are devices used to gauge the flow of current. They detect and convert current to a measured output voltage. Current sense resistors are generally low-value, high-power resistors. They are designed for low resistance to minimise power consumption and to eliminate the risk of short circuits which are likely to damage other components.

The proportional relationship between voltage and current, according to Ohm’s Law enables a sensor circuit to measure the amperes delivered to a load in real-time. This is a cost-effective and straightforward method of current flow measurement and is used to mitigate the effects of short-circuits or overloads and to maximise the efficiency of electrical systems. 

At TT Electronics, we offer a full spectrum of resistor technologies and a broad standard product range, in addition to providing custom engineering solutions. We dedicate ourselves to staying on top of the competitive landscape engineers are faced with today when designing a current flow measuring system.

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